"How would you like her to drop dead in this room

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"How would you like her to drop dead in this room

Postby Kareen4543 on Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:46 am

girl named Francie Nolan in your room," she started out.
"Frances Nolan," corrected Miss Briggs.
"Is she smart?"
"Is she good?"
"She had better be."
Sissy brought her face closer to Miss Briggs. christian louboutin outlet Her voice went a tone lower and was gentler christian louboutin outlet uk than before, but for
some reason Miss Briggs backed away. "I christian louboutin just christian louboutin uk asked you is she a good girl?"
"Yes, she is," said Teacher hurriedly.
"I happen to be her mother," lied Sissy.
"Anything you want to know about the child's work, Mrs. Nolan ..."
"Did it ever occur to you," lied Sissy, "that Francie's got kidney trouble?"
"Kidney what?"
"The doctor said that if she wants to go and some people don't let her go, she's liable to drop right down dead
from overloaded kidneys."
"Surely you're exaggerating."
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"How would you like her to drop dead in this room?"
"Naturally, I wouldn't,

so he ran away."

wardly close to those of our greatest pains

and therefore was doubly pleased to
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Kan du verkligen göra en heltid inkomst från kasinot

Postby daypropaype on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:46 pm

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